Professional JavaScript and other workplace fun

Of the various duties my job as an Application Developer demands, the one that brings me the most joy is the JavaScript portion of various client-facing projects. Sometimes I'm responsible for their creation, other times only their maintainance. Due to the nature of our business this work cannot be directly linked here, so enjoy these example images!

Registration the JavaScript point of origin

Every JavaScript programmer has done work on registration and login pages! This recent client's site was written in Python using the Django framework, but there was also a lot of it done with JavaScript.
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Chosen and smooth selection with jQuery plugins

I'm a huge fan of anything that makes the user experience smoother and cleaner. For this registration page we needed to allow the user to select a Distributor from a list of hundreds, which was cumbersome and annoying for them. Luckily my coworkers and I found this lovely plugin 'Chosen', allowing a beautiful type-to-search function that is incredibly smooth. Check out the lower-righthand corner!
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Validation and styled errors

When a user misses vital information, or enters information incorrectly, it's a large part of the user experience to inform them in a clean and consistent manner. The error messages are ideally styled in such a way that they match the site, while still standing out enough for the user to know what they have to do to fix the problem.
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AJAX and background processing

As an all-round Application Developer who works on both front-end and backend development, I often use Python or Perl to handle background processing...and AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) is often an excellent option for processing things and reloading only a bit of the page, without having to reload the entire thing!
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