Coding Portfolio

Professional Experience, Example Snippets, and Games

While I possess a variety of coding skills, in my free time I tend to focus mostly on Javascript web apps and games. Here you'll find examples of several javascript projects I've maintained or created over the years, and the sorts of things I learned while approaching them!

Professional Javascript and other workplace fun

A portion of my job as an Application Developer is the maintanance and creation of the Javascript for our clients. While all of these sites require secure login which obviously cannot be shared, these are excellent examples of the JavaScript I do in my professional life.

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HTML5 Canvas and the wonders of learning JavaScript

The canvas tag is one of my favorite things about HTML5, and early on in my relationship with javascript, I had quite a lot of fun playing around with all of the various things it could do while also discovering jQuery and CSS. This page details several examples of snippets I've written to learn.

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Modern Sudoku and developing games with JavaScript

After getting a handle on JavaScript, jQuery, and CSS, I decided to sit down with all three to develop a simple game; several different variations of the classic Sudoku.

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